Local Camera

Application Scenarios

If you have two cameras and you want learners to see both your video and the footage captured by the other camera (like showing drawings in art class, showing a physics/chemistry lab tabletop, etc.), the local camera can be used.

Operation Process

Step1: Find the “local camera” feature.

Step2: Choose a camera and preview the footage.

In the settings panel, select the local camera you want to use. After selecting, you can see the content of the camera screen in the preview window, and rotate the screen according to actual needs. During this process, it will not be seen by learners.

After adjustment, click the “Confirm” button, and the learner side can see the content you shared.

After initiating, you can use the brush tool, invite students to the stage and other basic classroom interactions on this basis.

*The camera that is in use to capture the teacher’s video cannot be selected repeatedly.

Step3: Switch camera.

After initiating the local camera, you can switch to other cameras in the share as needed.

Step4: End sharing.

Just close it like closing the courseware window.