Timer & Countdown

Application Scenarios

If in the classroom, the teacher designs an interaction or practice session to evaluate the learners’ completion speed, or to help themselves understand the duration of the interaction and grasp the teaching rhythm.

At this time, we can use the “Timer” or “Countdown” tool to assist in completing the teaching scene.

Operation Process

Step1: Ask a question.

If the task has been designed in the content, you can directly open the content; If you need to temporarily assign a task, you can write it out.

Step2: Issue a “Timer” or “Countdown” tool.

  1. Select the “Timer” tool: The timer will start from 00:00. During the timer process, you can pause/resume, reset to 00:00, and turn off at any time.
  2. Select the “Countdown” tool: You need to set a duration first, click the “Start” button to start the countdown; during the countdown process, you can pause/resume, or reset (return to the set duration), and close at any time.
  3. During the process, the learner terminal will display the time change synchronously, and the learner can move the position of the timer as needed to prevent the tool from blocking the content.



Step3: End “Timer” or “Countdown”.

Click the “Close” button in the upper right corner of the tool panel to end the timing; At the same time, the timing panel on the learner side will also disappear.