How to use Classpod

ClassPod is a live online interactive teaching platform for education.

You can efficiently create online classes of different sizes according to your requirements. It can recreate the offline classroom by using functions such as On Stage, Interacting in Real-time, and Authorization, etc.

Classpod also supports interactive coursewares which can improve students’ participation and develop their interests in learning.

This user manual is suitable for classroom teaching. Please read it carefully before the class.

Basic Classroom Functions Introduction

Classpod classroom is composed of Attendees Video Area , Teacher Video, Content Space, Teacher Tools, and Sidebar.

  • Attendees Video Area: In this area,you can see the students in real time. You can also mute or unmute, manage individual student functions, and give star rewards according to the performance of each student.
  • Teacher Video:You can see yourself and the audio status.
  • Teacher Volume:Click the microphone icon to switch your microphone on/off.
  • Content Space: You can open multiple coursewares or courseware materials in this class, and can also take notes and underline key points on the courseware.
  • Teacher Tools:In this area, we provide you with cursor, brush, text, eraser, laser pointer and other tools to write or guide students.Use Teaching Tools to learn more about Cursor, Brush, Text, and Eraser. 
  • Sidebar:In this area, you can manage your teaching materials and class. You can also use mini teaching tools and chat with your students, too.

Page Layout of Different Class Sizes

Classpod allows up to 12 students to attend a class online simultaneously. The number of student seats displayed in “Attendees Video Area” varies with different sizes of classes while other areas and functions remain the same. You can set the class size before the class gets started according to your requirements.


Camera:By clicking the Setting icon, you will see the list of camera devices. You can select or switch to another camera device.

Mirror Mode:Mirror Mode is like looking into a mirror. The mirror mode is enabled by default. If you want to show text information in your camera, please untick the Mirror Mode; otherwise, the text will be displayed in reverse.

Microphone:By clicking the Settings icon, you can also see the list of microphone devices. You can select or switch to another microphone device. If students think your voice is low, you can adjust the microphone volume.

Speakers:Click the Settings icon to see the list of speakers. You can select or switch to another speaker device.If you think the voice of students or the sound of coursewares is low or high, you can adjust the speaker volume.