Teaching Interaction

On/Off Stage

Classpod supports dragging single or multiple student videos to the content area, and also supports inviting all students to the stage.

Invite single or multiple students to the stage: click the student video with the left mouse button and drag the video to any area of the content area.

Invite all students to the stage: click the button in teaching supplies.

Single off stage: teacher can let learners back to the seat by clicking the student’s camera in the class camera area.

Off stage all in batch: click the button in teaching supplies.

Teacher on stage

You can drag your video to the content area, and interact with the content of the courseware using your camera;

Or use the “Full Screen” button to quickly fifill the entire Content Area with your own camera, allowing students to focus more on you.

On-stage Frame

If you want to make your lessons more interesting for learners while they are on stage, you can go the “on-stage frame” feature under the tools tab. Once the “on-stage frame” feature has been activated, you can select an interesting avatar frame. Once you confirm your selection, whoever is on stage will have an avatar frame around them. If “Nothing” is selected, neither learners nor the teacher will have avatar frames. We will launch more interesting and festive avatars in the future to help continue to help enhance the enthusiasm of students in the classroom.


Single Student Authorization

You can authorize students in class. The students who have been authorized can operate the courseware, so that they can paticipate in the class activities better.Move the cursor to the Class Camera Area and several functional keys will appear below the student camera.

Click on the authorization icon to authorize the student. The color of the authorized student camera box will be highlighted. That indicates the student has been authorized at this moment.

Authorize All (Interactive Courseware Only)

If you want all students to do the exercises or play games in the current courseware page when using interactive courseware, you can click on the Authorize All icon in Teaching Supplies. The class will be in Monitor Mode to help you to observe answers and progress of the whole class.

If the student deserves praises in this Monitor Mode, you can click on the Star icon, and the student will receive your reward.