Teaching Content

Teaching Material List

Sidebar-Content Tab will display all the teaching materials you uploaded before into this classroom.ClassPod class supports image, audio, video, PPTs, PDFs, interactive courseware and other file formats. It can be opened through double-clicking the uploaded file, and will then be visible to the students as well.


If you need to use images in class, please upload them before handthrough the All School platform and then from there, link them to the corresponding class.

Classpod class supports inserting images in JPG/PNG/GIF formats. In class, you can use the courseware efficiently by organizing the image layers and copying, zooming and deleting images.


Classpod supports using PPT(animation), PDF and interactive courseware.You can view the courseware catalog through the lower left corner of the courseware window.

If you are using interactive courseware, you can reset the current page state with the Reset button.

Content Zoom

  1. Support canvas zooming for courseware in PDF\PPTX\ICW format.
  2. You can use the “+” and “-” signs to quickly zoom in or zoom out the canvas, or you can enter a custom ratio, or select the recommended ratio to quickly switch.
  3. In the navigator, you can see the Visible Area at the position of the full page content, and adjust it by moving the “Visible Area”.

Classroom Courseware Transcoding

If you choose to use your own courseware to teach, please confifirm the uploading status of the courseware before the course starts. Only successfully uploaded courseware can be shared with students during the course. If your courseware does not have time to complete the uploading before the class, the system will automatically continue uploading for you after entering the class.

Screen Sharing

Classpod supports sharing your local window or screen view to students.

You can find the Screen Share button in Tools, select the method and content you want to share, and click to initiate sharing button after confifirming. Students can see the content you need to share and follow your playback progress.

After you begin sharing your screen, the teacher’s classroom layout will change accordingly.

The classroom will become two independent windows, which is convenient for you to move to any position in the shared state, reducing the occlusion of the shared content.

A minimalist window is used to control the status of this share and support you to write within the share range.

The other is the video list, and supports the initiation of collective interaction here (for example: controlling the microphone on/off state of the whole class, giving star rewards to all students). The video list includes: preview the window content shared this time, your video , and the video windows of all students in the class.

Write In Shared Scope

In the shared state, you can use the classroom writing tool to write in the shared area, and the handwriting can be seen by the whole class.

Video List

  • At the top of the student video screen, you can control students’ microphones by turning them on and off and send stars to the entire class. 
  • In the “…” (more) button, you can use the “Hide Preview Window” and “Minimize” functions.
  • Hide the Preview Window: The preview window is a great way for you to check and make sure that students can see your screen and that they are following along. While screen sharing, you can hide or view the preview window based on classroom and student needs.
  • Minimize: If you don’t want to see your students, or you want to reduce blocking your slides, you can use the “minimize” mode. When you use the “minimize” mode, only your video screen will be displayed. To expand the video list and view all of your students, click on the “…” (more) button.