Whiteboard Tools


You can operate the interactive courseware or move teaching materials after choosing the cursor.


After selecting the selection tool, you can move handwriting, graphics, text and other elements, facilitating flexible adjustment of writing on the board.


After the brush tool is selected, the currently selected shape will be displayed in the upper left corner of the icon, and the current brush color will be reminded through the icon. You can also select different colors, thicknesses, and shapes in the panel to match the writing board.


You can type text in different colors and font sizes on the board as well.


If you make a writing mistake on the board, you can switch to the Eraser function.

· Clear Selection: You can clear all in the area that you selected.

· Empty: Clear everything you wrote on the board.


In class, teachers often need to switch between different tools to complete the blackboard. We provide shortcut keys for commonly used writing tools. You can use the shortcut keys to switch to different tools, which will greatly save your switching time, reduce switching costs, and make the complex writing process more smooth.

In order to facilitate your use of shortcut keys, we mark the corresponding shortcut keys in the lower right corner of the icon to reduce your memory burden.

Copy & Paste

If you want to quickly copy a part of the written content, first select the target content. You can copy through the keyboard or the right mouse button.Keyboard: Copy & cut & paste through keyboard shortcuts (ctrl/cmd + c, x, v).