How can teachers experience Classpod from the learner’s position?

Tips:This is a temporary solution. We are working on a more permanent solution that would preview the functions of Classpod from the learner’s end.

1.Create a Practice Room from Allschool

Path:Go to the “Course” page on Allschool Workbench. Choose the lesson and click “Practice NOW” to launch the Practice Room of Classpod.

The Classpod Practice Room is only available in courses that chose to use Classpod as the teaching platform.

2.Find and copy the invitation code on Classpod

Path:Log in to the Classpod Teacher App, Click “Class”->”Open Class”. Find the lesson you just created in the list and click “Invite Learners” on the card. Copy the invitation code.

3.Log in “Classpod Learner App” to join the class


1)You can log in to the Classpod Learner App with your Allschool teacher’s user name and password.(Download:

2)Click on the “Gear” icon in the upper right corner to enter the “Account” page.

3)Click “Join a Class” and in the pop up window, enter the invitation code you just copied. 

4.Enter the classroom

Path:The lesson you just joined can be accessed from the “Schedule”. Find the practice room and click on “enter” to join the practice room as a learner.