Practice Room

Brief Introduction

Practice Room offers the main functions available in the live Classpod classroom. One major difference between the practice room and the live classroom is the learners. There are no learners in the practice room.

As a result, there is no real-time audio/video services in the practice rooms. However, the Classpod practice rooms are outfitted with virtual learners. Teachers can interact with virtual learners to get a sense of what it is like in the real classroom. The practice room is a great tool for teachers to familiarize themselves with Classpod before heading into the live classroom.

Enter the Practice Room (Standalone)

Path:Click on your profile photo in the upper right corner, then select “Practice Room” from the drop-down menu.

Differences between Practice Room and Live Classroom

1.There is no real-time audio/video service in Practice Room (Standalone). As such, the following functions are temporarily unavailable. 

  • Microphone settings and input volume adjustment
  • Speaker settings and output volume adjustment
  • Screen Share
  • Function setting of Learner’s classroom 

2.The lesson recording function is disabled in the practice room. As well, there are not time limits for use of the rooms.

3.There are Virtual Learners in the practice rooms. 

Virtual learners is a cool new feature that provides the added element of students in the classroom. Having virtual learners in the practice room allows teachers to practice the interactive functions like giving rewards, moving students on and off stage, muting and unmuting students etc.

By default, there will be one virtual learner in the practice room. Teachers can interact with the virtual learner by adding the learner to the class via the “Classes List” in the sidebar. The learners can also be removed from the class via the “Classes List”. Teachers can add up to 12 virtual learners to the class.