Writing Authorization

Application Scenarios

If learners need the ability to write in class, you can use the writing authorization tool. The writing of the authorized learner can be seen by the whole class and the teacher.

You can also use the stage, open the mic and other functions, and invite learners to explain their ideas at the same time.

*Currently, only one student can be authorized to write at a time.

Operation Process

How to Initiate

1. Click the authorization icon in the lower left corner of the student’s video to initiate authorization.

2. Authorization includes courseware operation authorization and writing authorization. You can find the authorization toolbar in the lower right corner of the content area. With this toolbar, teachers can actively switch authorization abilities of learners, which makes it more convenient for you to invite learners to complete different tasks when using interactive courseware.

Writing Authorization

Authorized learners can use the brush and eraser tools as well as change the color of their brushes according to their preferences.

Teachers can check to see which tools and brush colors students have selected. Teachers can see the authorized learner’s name in the content area. This allows teachers to know the content and scope of the learner’s writings.

Teachers will not be affected when students are given authorization. Teachers will still be able to use the tools, write, and operate the courseware. Both teachers and authorized students will be able to delete any drawings on the screen.

How To End Authorization

1. You can click the authorization button in the lower left corner of the student’s video to end the current authorization ability;

2. You can also click on the close button in the authorization toolbar to quickly end authorization.