Classpod supports adding learning resources from the library during class.

Find Library

Upload Files

You can click the “library” button in the ” content” tab. Click the “upload” button on the file tab, and select the file to be uploaded. Your uploaded files will be displayed in a list under “files”.

Currently, Classpod supports png、jpg、gif、pptx、and pdf formats.

It is recommended that you upload your courseware in advance because PPT and PDF files take time to transcode after uploading.

Upload File

Adding Courseware in the Classroom

Open the library, and search for your couseware by name. How to add your couseware to the classroom:

  1. Double click the courseware to open it. 
  2. After selecting your courseware, click the “Add” button. The selected courseware will be added to the content list. 
Add Courseware in Classrooms