How to create an Open Class by Classpod?

Now teachers can create an Open Class by Classpod!So you can create a temporary class at any time and invite up to 12 learners to join in. Let’s take a look at the steps:

  1. Create an Open Class on Classpod

Path:Log into the Classpod Teacher App, enter into the home page and click on ‘Create an Open Class’.

2. Fill in the information

Path:Fill in the class information and upload files, then click on ‘save’ to submit.

3. Invite your learners

Path:Click ‘Class’->’Open Class’. Find the class you just created in the list and click on ‘Invite Learners’ in the top right.

Then you can copy your invitation code and send it to learners either through your own channel or by email.

4. Learners join the class

After receiving the invitation code, learners can join the class through Classpod Learner App.


1)Log into the Classpod Learner App.(Download:

2)Click on the ‘Gear’ icon in the upper right corner to enter the settings page.

3)Click on ‘Join a Class’ and then enter the invitation code in the pop up window.

4)The class can be accessed from the ‘Schedule page’, and learners can click on the ‘enter’ button to join the class.