Learner’s Device Status

  1. Grasp Learner’s Device Status in Real Time

Do you panic when you can’t communicate with your students and don’t know what the problem is? Through the INFO icon on the learner’s video, you can know whether the student device status is normal in real time.

  • The circle icon represents the Standard Service used in the learner’s classroom, and the triangle icon represents the Swift Service used in the learner’s classroom. (See the meanings of different services at the end of the article.)
  • If the INFO icon turns red, it indicates that the student device is abnormal.

2. Get Details of Learner’s Device Status

Click on the INFO icon to check the classroom service , device OS, performance and network conditions of the learner.

3. The Learner Perspective. —- The differences between different classroom services.

In order to improve learners’ class experience, we provide different services for different performance devices.

  • Standard Service is recommended for preferred devices, and Swift Service is recommended for poor performance devices to reduce performance consumption.
  • Standard Service
  • You can see the videos of teacher and all learners with 360P resolution.
  • Swift Service
  • You can’t see the videos of learners who are not on stage. The rest are consistent with the standard service functions.